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About Us

Music from the Blue Light is a one of a kind radio station coming from the beautiful high desert country of Northeastern Nevada in CD quality 128 kbps stereo. We specialize in a great selection of popular and vocal jazz. Put simply, it's the greatest music of all time.


How it started

Back in the late 1990's I was looking for a way to play my music collection at work. This was before iPods and iTunes were around. Internet radio was just in its infancy so I decided to set up an Internet radio station on Live365 for my own beneift so I could listen to my music collection. And since I have rather eclectic tastes I didn't expect that anyone else would listen. Well much to my surprise other people did listen and they liked it. I started hearing from people who said that they had finally found the music they had been looking for. It was the birth of Music from the Blue Light.

The station name

I have been asked often where did the name "Music from the Blue Light" come from. Well, it so happens that back in the mid 1960's there was a radio program on the AM band on KGO Radio, San Francisco called "Music from the Blue Light." It aired late on weeknights and it featured a female DJ with a soft, soothing voice. KGO had a strong signal at night and it could be heard all over the western half of the United States. And it played pretty much the same music that I play now. So I decided to copy the name. And the name has stuck to this day.

Meet the artists

Nat Cole

Nat King Cole

And many more great artists

How to Listen

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Other ways to listen

Tune in on Or tune in via Coming soon to iTunes and the Shoutcast Directory.

Device Availability

Simply point your mobile device's web browser to The website is mobile friendly.


If you are having trouble tuning in, if you need more information, or if you have a song request or a comment, please email me for assistance. Or check out our Facebook page.